[SOLVED] Removing Nvidia drivers

Hi all, I just installed Zorin Pro 16 the other day and I am trying to install the Nvidia drivers and used the additional drivers in settings, they do not install fully and it gives me an error message, when I restart the computer it boots past the Zorin screen and then I get a white screen that says " Oh no! Something has gone wrong." and stops there.
I reinstalled Zorin using the Nvidia option on install to install the drivers but when I went into settings the Nvidia drivers were not chosen so I clicked on then and then started the computer and the same thing happened again, the white screen.
Here is what I get when I boot the computer. I tried to use the Terminal on the live boot but I could not remove the Nvidia drivers.
Any ideas on how to either install the drivers or remove them if I can't boot into Zorin? Thanks.
I was able to get into the Grub by holding the shift key down while the machine was booting but I don't know what code to type in to remove the drivers or to delete them. Just an update.

I finally got it fixed, I had to hold the shift key down on boot until the terminal came up where I typed in what I found on the net. Here is what I typed and after the computer started Zorin I went to addition drivers and installed them, this took care of my mouse and keyboard problem in Virtualbox also. This worked for me.

  1. Booted into the terminal holding shift key on boot
  2. Mounted the drive with mount --options remount,rw /
  3. Purged the drivers with sudo apt-get purge nvidia-*

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