[SOLVED] Time (setting) keeps adjusting ahead by 2 - 8 hours

I've been using Zorin OS for about two months now, and I've noticed a strange bug or something. The date is always changing or adjusting. I've adjusted the time multiple times, but it continues to shift to 2 or 8 hours ahead of the original time. The original time, as shown in the screenshot, is 9:22 a.m., yet the Zoris OS taskbar displays 1:22 a.m. I've also utilized synchronized time, but it's not ideal because it's 10 to 11 hours ahead of standard time. Please assist me in resolving this issue. I can't adjust the time manually since it keeps going backwards. Please assist me, and thank you. The time zone is right.

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Are you Dual Booting with Windows?

Have you run in terminal:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

and followed all of the prompts?


No, I've only been using Zorin OS and have abandoned Windows.

The local time is correct, however the time displayed on my taskbar is the universal time. How can I utilize the local time instead of the universal time on my taskbar?

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Have you set your timezone with:

sudo timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Manila

From terminal: What is the output of


cat /etc/timezone

ls -l /etc/localtime

The time display was fixed with sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata. I'm truly delighted to see the time is correct once more. Thank you for your assistance. :innocent: :heart: