[Solved] Wifi connected but loosing internet

Over the past few days I have begun to have issues with my wifi/internet. When I open my browser I get 'this site cannot be reached' message even though my wifi is connected. When this happens my email stops working as well. This didn't start happening after an upgrade/update or any other changes. One other thing I have noticed is sometimes when the internet crashes a question mark appears on the wifi icon in the system tray. It only starts working again following a reboot. My wifi card is a BCM43142 and has worked fine in Windows and in Linux Mint. I really would like to sort this bug but need some help. I have other tech connected to my router and all work fine so I am guessing its an issue with my computer.

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I am also using Broadcom WiFi but without any issue
Did you activate the Additional driver in Settings?
Mine looks like this:

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes I have the driver selected in the same way.

If that is the case, the only trick I know is to restart router (and DHCP). I I know it sounds primitive, but it has saved my rear in more than one occasion.

Thank you. Will see what happens!

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Ok so, turned off the power management on the card and so far so good. Something I should have checked before posting!

Did you power cycle your router, or at least restart the dhcp service? Power management should not be an issue because it only comes into effect after an idle period during battery usage. What did you do to "solve" this? Please share the steps that "resolved" this issue for anyone that may have a similar problem in the future.

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Make sure the drivers are upto date