(Solved) Would zorin lite 15.3 work on this netbook: acer aspire one D255 , 2 GB ram?

Hello I have installed for some time linux lxle on this computer acer aspire one 255 , 2 GB ram, 250 HDD, Atom procesor. However this is my old man computer and this distro isn't fully translated into Spanish, what is more, as many of the light distro are difficult to work with for non advanced user. An many of its apps are limited. I wonder if zorin lite 15.3 could ran properly (one of the reasons I set linux on it was windows 7 started runned to slow).

Could you make a live zorin OS lite usb drive and try Zorin OS lite from the usb drive? That is how I tested Zorin OS before I installed it on my first laptop running Zorin OS 12.0. if you try it with a live usb you will know of any major issues with the hardware before you install Zorin OS.


The minimum requirement to run Zorin lite is
CPU - 700 MHz Single Core – Intel/AMD 64-bit or 32-bit processor
RAM - 512 MB
Storage - 10 GB
Display - 640 × 480 resolution

I am sure your netbook will smoothly meet this requirement. and the suggestion given by @andreak9173 shall be used as it will give you a option to use it before going for full installation.

Thank you ! I use to do the same, but I was anxious to know before trying ;D . I will give it a try.

Thank you , I don't remember the velocity of the Intel Atom processor, sorry I din't mention it. According to a research for this model it should be Acer Aspire One D255 Intel Atom N550 2 x 1.50GHz.

2 * 1.5 GHZ is fair enough to run zorin lite.you can even try zorin core. if you have ssd


For the record, I wouldn't run Zorin CORE on anything less then a machine with a 2GHZ CPU and 4GB of RAM. If your system SPECS are bellow that, then I totally recommend Zorin LITE.


Hi to all! Well I tried Linux Zorin Lite 32 bits (due to the amount of ram - 2GB) on a liveUSB , but it goes too slow, it doesn't consume much RAM but it does consume much CPU, thought the percentage it rices then decreases, but applications take like 30 seconds to start. I only tested this with "task mannager" which is the only tool I know how to use - and it consumes some resources itself :wink: . First question : did I did OK on trying the 32bits version? The atom N550 2 x 1.50GHz processor supports 64 bits but the main amount of RAM accepted for this machine motherboard is 2GB. I set them myself its A DDR3 brand is A-Tech.. I think maybe Xfce is too much for this notebook or maybe I choose the wrong architecture. I choose 32 bits taking in consideration the limitations Windows 64 bits has with less than 3 GB RAM though I know this wouldn't apply to Linux. . Should I choose 64 bits architecture?.

Yeah, I'd try to run 64-bit as long as its LITE. A 64-bit OS has backgrounds compatibility for 32-bit, but not the other way around. And what you said also might be indeed true, that 2018 XFCE might be a bit too much for your machine.

If you also have bad performance with the 64-bit version of XFCE desktop in Zorin OS 15.3, then I think your machine might be a good candidate for BionicPup Linux. Its super simple, super light weight, it doesn't have fancy graphics. But it will let you get on the net surf the web, watch video's.


Hi thank you for your suggestion. I would like to say that I only tried Zorin lite 32 bits . I 'd tried bionic pup should I tried 32 bits right? Ps: I was just about to tried sparky linux. I was loking for lxtq desktop, but Lubuntu is a difficult for my old man. Also I like the Lxqt start menu that , you can search for applications on its search bar. Wait for your reply. Excellente video!!!!!


If you can't get Zorin to work properly on that old machine, I am going to have to recommend BionicPup. Yes it don't come with super fancy features. But watch the video I posted, as you can see, its still very easy to use. Things are nice and large on the screen, and you don't feel like you need a magnifying lens for them old man eyes lol.

Yes of course, thank you I've watch the video and it got me inspired. I wonder if I could tried installing on BionicPup, libre office writter, sometimes he needs some tools that aren't include in the default word text processor (AB word) i think it is called.

Dear Friends, I tried bionic pup on USB live and it run perfectly almost like LXLE however the main problem is that I wasn't able to translate it into Spanish. The language installation packages couldn't be found. I would try installing it on a virtual machine in my computer to show you a screen shot
The problem is the final user -dad- doesn't speak english and it gets more difficult for him to work with it. This happened under LXLE where the system isn't totaly translated into spanish but the worst part is the applications he needs such as pdf viewer or images editor are also in englis. Basicaly he needs the computer to edit arrange and print his Doctors orders and to Browse some web sites.
I would like to mentioned that in between I find a solution I installed a Version of W7 (lite) called Minios7 oh my gosh!! I 've forgoten how tiresome was installing windows, mostly when drivers aren't include. It consumes almost the 2 Gb RAM and browsers take a lot of time to launch.


hi there how are you?. I reply over this totell you I left a general reply,I wish you could read it. I would like to know your opinion., please.

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