(solved) Zorin 17 pro on USB don't boot

Hello, in October 2022 I bought the 16 pro version and everything went well.

Yesterday I bought the 17 pro version and it is impossible to boot from usb, I created the usb key with balenaetcher

To be sure that it doesn't come from my computer or my USB key, I put the 16.3 pro version back on the USB key and it works, the computer starts on the USB key and I can install 16.3

I think the isolinux folder is missing in the iso file for version 17 pro and that must be why the usb key does not boot

An idea ?


Please redownload the Zorin OS .iso file and reburn.
Check the SHA.

The .iso is working for many users, so most likely you experienced packet loss during the initial download.

I have dual boot Kubuntu - Zorin

I have already downloaded the iso file 4 times
2 times with kubuntu and 2 times with zorin
I always get the same iso file
I checked the integrity of the file with quickhash and everything is ok

so I reinstalled version 16.3 but I would like to be able to install version 17

I don't understand

thank you for your response, it’s nice

It will not be long before the Zorin Upgrader tool is officially released for use on Zorin OS 17, so one option would be to hang out on Zorin 16 and then use the Upgrader to bump it up to Zorin OS 17.

Yes, I agree... With that many attempts, it seems a lot less likely that it is a download issue.
But we also know that files are not missing from the uploaded Zorin OS .iso file.

Some users have noted some odd quirks, though. For example, switching from burning with Balena Etcher to using uNetbootin, Rufus (Windows OS) or Ventoy worked for several people when they had issues with booting the USB.
You may need to format the USB stick itself. I am not leaning toward this possibility if you used that same stick and it worked for Zorin OS 16.3, though.

@Christophe, do you have access to a Windows environment?

So far, I have had the best results using Rufus, so that is what I usually fall back on to burn ISOs to a flash drive if all else fails. Maybe it is worth a try.

EDIT: UNetbootin is another alternative that is available on Linux as well.

non I don't have Windows environment
I will try with unetbootin

You can also use the Disks application... it can burn .ISO and .IMG files.

Open it, select the USB stick, click the '3 vertical dots' button at upper-right, select "Restore Disk Image", navigate to and select the .ISO file containing Zorin OS, then set it to burning.

Or you can set up Ventoy... that's the easiest. You just drop the unmolested .ISO file onto the second (largest) partition of the Ventoy USB stick, boot the machine, and that .ISO file will show up in the Ventoy boot menu. Select whichever .ISO file you want to boot, and it boots.

I've got Zorin 16.3, Zorin 17b, Q4OS and Win10 PE .ISO files on my Ventoy.

I tried with unetbootin and it didn't work
I finally succeeded with Ventoy

I thank you all

Awesome! Glad you got it figured out after all. :slight_smile:

Maybe you could consider marking Mr_Magoo's post as a solution for future reference.

Yes, another vote for Ventoy here too!

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I've got Antix 32-bit, 64-bit, MX-Linux 32-bit, 64-bit, MX-Linux 23.1 KDE 64-bit, KDE neonuser 64- bit, and Rescuezilla latest, Zorin 16.3 Lite, Core, Education, Education Lite and Zorin 17 Core on my Ventoy! Got to get Hiren's Boot CD as well on there. ISO's not working with Ventoy Linux Mint, plus another one.

Same issue here, trying to create USB with balenaEtcher on Windows, kept failing. Even tried another USB drive and it failed. Put Zorin 16 back on one of the drives with no problems. So changed to Rufus instead, and now I am installing Zorin 17. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Ventoy never fails. I d/l ISOs directly to it.

Protip: You can install it by just clicking the extracted VentoyGUI.x86_64 file.

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