Some Apps Doesnt Work after i did update an other things

i explain everything so i updated and then restarted i then decided to install the whitesur theme so the theme was alright but when i installed the icons it was not ok no icon was there so i shut off because i have work to do then i booted up no apps were kinda working Files Didnt Open Zorin Appearence Didnt Open No Like System app related app open im on the same pc that is kind of bricked it opens firefox audacity onlyoffice And Things Like That do i reinstall not even terminal opens up it is a brick or does it have repair

It is somewhat confusing reading your post. I understand you may not natively speak English. Please provide your rigs' specs and a step by step as to what you did during and after the update. We do not know your actions and each detail may indicate the issue. Is your software updater configured for local server or main? Did you take note of what updates were performed? Which version of Zorin are you using, since you list multiple versions on your profile?! This information is necessary in order to diagnose the problem.

It sounds like it may have been a partial upgrade...
It would be harmless and may be helpful to try:

sudo dpkg --configure -a

sudo apt update --fix-missing

sudo apt dist-upgrade

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