Some apps only use GTK Theme if it's a zorin theme

Some software (Color Picker here for example, Smile also has the same problem.) only conform to themes if they're one of the zorin themes. Is this because of Zorin? How to fix?

Themes used: Orchis Dark, Zorin Blue-Dark, Adwaita Dark, Otis Forest, Zorin Green- Dark (out of order)

They're both from flathub... hmm...

Didn't flatpaks not be able to adapt to native preferences? Did Zorin add capability for its themes?

Zorin OS comes with Flatpak themes, as well.
Flatpak and Snap do not honor system themes.

Flatpak can be made to honor system themes, however, by using Flatseal application.

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Thanks! I'll try using that.

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I can't find a good tutorial on how to do that, do you know of one?

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I eventually got it to work, thanks alot for the help!

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