Some General Questions

so I would like to talk about some stuff I found interesting.
1-Why does root and prefix are always directed to (hd0,msdos5)?
2-I have a problem with the app store Images failed to load, Anyone got ideas on how to fix it?
3-Is there a command to check system integrity for corruption?
4-Is there something like windows sonic for Linux, 7.1 surrounding sound for headphones?
And thanks.

HD is Hard drive. The 0 is the number of the drive in the series - so, the first drive connected (or primary drive) is 0, then the secondary drive would be hd1, another drive after that would be hd2...
msdos is the partition scheme, followed by the partition number. If your case, that partition is 5.

You can try cleaning the cache. Remove the directory ~/.cache/gnome-software

That would be the fsck commands, of which there are quite a few. Checking the manual would be the way to go, before proceeding

man fsck

Not a lot... you might check into Viper4Linux.

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Sorry but it seems to have no effect same issue precedes.

killall gnome-software

Then remove the ~/.cache/gnome-software

then relaunch - see if that works...

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Issue persists :crying_cat_face: .

Which Icon set are you using?

The default didn't change anything.

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