Some parts of OS lag severely, probably cuz of driver problems

Here's the link, every animation is fine, and videos fun fine too, but windows lag like hell when dragging, even maximise is fine. Why's that?
I am reverting to an older driver while writing this, is this some sort of driver issue?

Well, it damn my system, now I have only one monitor functioning. Damned Nvidia...

How do I get my system back :sob:

I can't select the other ones!!! Help me someone!

In terminal, please run:
sudo apt remove --purge "nvidia*"

sudo apt update && sudo ubuntu-drivers install

Hi, thanks, I got my system back, but... that problem still persists, how to fix that? :frowning:

Some users report that disabling hardware acceleration helps:

It fixed it? Bruh
Well, It should be called "hardware deceleration" haha

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