Some Plasma settings not working

With this change to linux I am trying to make happen, it seems every step of the way require some troubleshooting.

My patience is wearing thin but luckily I am not trying to do much and the operating system does seem to work fine when using the features that actually work.

I did this through the terminal:

sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop

and the only change I can make is to change the color of folders. When I select other appearance features and click apply, nothing happens.

Can I get some help on this? I am only looking for the look of plasma and the widgets, I don't need a ton of aps.

You are aware that Plasma is KDE right? Zorin core is Gnome and Zorin Light is XFCE?

Yes. Does this mean the plasma desktop can't be installed on zorin?

I see articles and posts and videos that seem to suggest different desktops can be installed on different distributions so I figured I will give it a try.

And you logged out and choose KDE?

Plasma Desktop will work fine on Zorin OS. However, the Zorin Appearance App is for the Gnome Desktop Only.

You may need to research how to tweak Plasma Desktop or Kubuntu Desktop.

No. Only rebooted and was expecting to get an option to choose plasma but wasn't given that option.

It's automatic login. I will try change it to manual login and see what happens. Or I will try logging out if that's an option.

You may have a much easier time of it by removing kde-plasma-destkop and instead:

sudo apt install tasksel

sudo tasksel install kubuntu-desktop

I tried the manual login option and it's booting to the black screen like the one I described in another topic where I explained I get a black screen after rebooting when I choose drive encryption during during the installation.

Does this mean I have to reinstall to get back in to try

The e key you mentioned in the other topic doesn't do anything during the boot in this situation.

When to press the e key - There is a prompt on the grub menu that says you can press the key to edit grub - shown in the screen shot in the link below.
These instructions are for 'nomodeset' but you can ignore that part. Please verify the e key portion in this guide.

If you are getting a black screen only when booting an Encrypted Drive- we covered Why That Is and What to Do About it in your other thread.

If you are getting a new black screen when not booting an encrypted drive, please clarify that here.

Yes. It's a black screen when not booting an encrypted drive. This only started because I changed the login settings from automatic login to entering password at login.

Things that can cause this (not including Encrypted Drive):
Nvidia Card - To test or resolve, try using these parameters in grub:

Automatic Login: This is also known to cause issues when it conflicts with certain other features.
You can check by disabling AutoLogin and seeing if that stops the issue or not: