Some probelms in the new version of Zorin os Core

I went back to Zorin os a month ago when I saw the new update, but I've a few problems that I can't solve.

Firstly, my computer wouldn't come out of standby : the computer started up but nothing appeared on the screen. So, after waiting a few minutes, I forced it to switch off. It starts normally after this, but there's no more animations (open the zorin menu and the multitasking, minimize an application...) and some buttons like night light and others I can't remember have disappeared. What can I do? And what should I do if the standby problem reappears?

Secondly, when I look at the name of my graphics card, it says "llvmpipe (LLVM 15.0.7, 256 bits)" even though I have an Nvidia P400 (I know it's not great but it'll tide me over until my new card arrives (I broke my 1080... :pensive:)). I've install the drivers. So what can I do and will it affect my performance?

Thank you for your replies and sorry for the length of the message!

Sorry i only have a solution for the nightmode cause i had the same question and got help from citfta:

Go to settings and then displays. When you click on displays you should get a window with a tab for night light. That is what you want for warmer colors at night

Ps.: And if you click on the taskbar where the clock is a quick select menu will appear where you can opt in/out nightmode the solution above is for the automatic swap with sunset.

Yes, I have this menu, but when I activate night light, the screen doesn't change colour.

And I don't have the button in the quick settings menu.

So my problem is that the system is missing some functions following this forced reboot...

He's just done the same thing again...

Past experience of "stuck in standby" is fairly common. e.g. Zorin OS 16.3 Pro, Standby Mode not working
This maybe due to your graphics card, but first can you confirm that Secure Boot is disabled in BIOS?

I've try but it doesn't change anything

Yes, I confirm that secure boot is disabled in BIOS

Don't know if this can help


It's perfect, the second link solved all my problems !
So far I haven't had any standby problems, but I'll see if it happens again.

Thank you very much !

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