Some Questions about the Community

I am thinking of switching towards a linux distribution and through a website I found out that Zorin OS fits all my needs. But, still I have question about this community. I get stuck a lot while using linux and I ask a lot of stupid questions for which I cannot create a post.

My question is who are the most prominent users who may provide some generous help to me, in case I need some help. also, a totally weird question, who are the users here whom I may expect to solve atleast 90℅ of my problems in programing languages like C++,Python and Java and Sql too. :sweat_smile:

Hi, here will you get answers on your Linux and Zorin questions, for programming questions I think stackoverflow is better.

We all attempt to help each other out. Some know more than others, but it doesn't mean those people should be targeted with questions. Posting your questions, after searching for solutions yourself (whether on this forum, askubuntu, or general searches), will help you resolve your issues and provide others with the same questions to find answers as well as learn. DMing to resolve issues is never a good practice.

There are a few programmers available in this community, though most of the programming issues are better suited for a programming forum (side from installation issues), again we try to help each other in our community, it never hurts to ask.

With any forum, the key to getting responses and possibly a solution:

  • attempt to find your issue on the web and having some understanding of what is wrong

  • asking a detailed, specific question, with the necessary info for the issue (ex: my nvidia 3060 card has a stuttering info: cpu, ram, monitor model, connection type).

  • Patience, courtesy and relaxed professionalism


You are not alone, but there is no such thing as a stupid question.

People starting out on Linux may be unfamiliar with some terms and phrasiology used by the linux community and how to word a post to get the message across. Don't worry too much about that, just explain the symptoms of your problem in simple terms and add screenshot/s to illustrate.

Remember Z16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, so if you search this forum and can't find anything posted here, you can widen your search to include ".....ubuntu 20.04" in the search term using your favourite web browser e.g. "no sound ubuntu 20.04"


I might add also that a picture can be worth a 1000 words as it can help the person offering advise a visual image to your problem even though you can't verbally communicate it correctly ..... and don't worry I about that cause I do it all the time .... :grinning:


I figured out some names as they gave a very great advice though. can I contact @Aravisian and @anon6471198 frequently, will they mind?

Bunch of idiots broke my system twice, But anyway my programming quetions are related to Ubuntu/Zorin, I don't need them breaking my system atleast.

Not to offend but I know how to perform a search in that way, But It kind of breaks a lot of things. I need to consider an expert advice. This way I am sure everything will be fine☺

As I stated, it is better, for the community, not to direct message for assistance. The community benefits from everyone's questions because no two configurations are the same.

You can research and evaluate any suggested solutions, applying what you believe to be sound, helpful advice. Direct messaging is usually reserved for off topic conversation and such.

Not all of us get it right, even Aravisian and Ghostminator, from the gate. There are others as well that have given great advice that you haven't mentioned. It depends on the issue and if they "specialize" in that area. Any advice or resolution provided is subject to system misconfiguration due to typos or misunderstanding of the issue. Backup with timeshift, or at least deja dup before performing anything suggested in any forum so recovery is not as painful or time consuming.

Either way, all of us are volunteers, attempting to assist others to resolve any issues the community has. None of us call ourselves experts. Some explore and learn more than others, in an effort to both understand the OS as well as assist in others' understanding.

For the benefit of the community, as well as in resolving your issues, please create threads detailing any issues you run into. Direct messages are not for that purpose and will most likely be moved to threads (new or existing) in the appropriate category.


I second this.
If by contact, you mean starting a thread- by all means please do.
But starting a public thread has the most benefit. Others can learn from and benefit from the content and others can weigh in with suggestions. Often, it takes more than one mind to create brilliance, rather than seeking one brilliant mind.
That said:

I think my batting average is that I miss more often than I hit, but try to stay stubborn enough to keep swinging.
I am not a programmer.
I am an auto mechanic.
I happen to take enthusiastic interest in Linux.
Who happens to restore classic cars.

Whether you are working on cars or on computers, knowing the fundamentals of what you are doing is key to avoiding breakage.


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