Some User Post's Missing

I Recently noticed some bugs in the forum, while browsing some old post's and in my own topics. Some user ID are missing/tampered and do not exist. But the fact is they recently helped me and I want to Contact them again. Is this a bug that I cannot see some users?

This is not a forum bug. The user in question has deleted his account, but left his posts as anonymized.

How should I contact him? Also, There is no option for account deletion! Also I forgot his username, it is really important for me because he helped me to manipulate the annaconda structures on Linux.

I am sorry, I do not have nor could provide other users contact information.
To delete your account, you can contact the forum Administrators AZorin or zorink.

You can start a thread covering your issue.

I don't think anyone here can help me in AI development in such an open source manner, while that can be use to earn thousands someone helped me with it๐Ÿค”

Maybe a github ID will work, or a mail ID? Maybe some other forum/social ID anything? I am really stuck by messing up a perfect code loop which he developed for me.

It could be - if any of his present friends can help you by providing that.


If you guys are talking about ghostminator, he left because of some issues with the forum staff. I have his work email, But he is really personnel about it. Contact him on ig with the same username, But he takes decades to reply Hi๐Ÿ˜‚

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I will try to contact him there, But I surely appreciate an email.

Surely, I cannot provide personnel information on forum. But, I surely gave you a way to contact him, only because you needed it๐Ÿ˜‡


This forum has Guidelines and Policies in place, not to be controlling - but because the safety and security of the members of this forum depend on it.
These guidelines include users not using Sock Puppet accounts to interact with themselves pretending to be different people; Not endorsing, engaging in or promoting acts of piracy or hacking and policies against personal abuse of other members.
Any member that repeatedly violates these policies and also repeatedly ignore moderator warnings on the infractions may find their posting privileges suspended.
Ghostminator opted to request his account be deleted but his posts remain in case other or future users still find them helpful.
Since the O.P.'s question has been answered and a helpful member has offered assistance - I am closing this thread.
Leaving it open invites debate about a user on a personal level and - no... that does not need to happen.