Some Zorin Core 17 feedback

First, I just want to say how much I love the default theme! The colorful mountain wallpaper works so well with the white windows layered on top of it. And when I came back to my machine in the evening and saw dark mode & the adjusted wallpaper, it was just beautiful. I'm not usually a GNOME user, but I'll try my best to make things work with Zorin. :+1:

Some collected feedback:

  1. I had a use case for the optional Windows/Wine package, but it didn't work out of the box because it doesn't install Mono by default. Given that it is an optional thing anyway, I think it'd be better to install the full array of Wine extras along with it.
  2. I honestly thought the free macOS layout was broken until I realized it's not a macOS layout (the website calls it the "touch" layout, but these names are not visible in Zorin Appearance). Took me a while to figure out that the actual macOS layout is one of the paid ones (which is fine!, I just found the pictograms confusing because it looks like a dock).
  3. It's a bit strange that GNOME Software says there are no updates, but then I visit the redundant software updater because that's the way to get to the Nvidia drivers selection, and then software updater tells me that there's lots of updates. Not sure why Software didn't see them. Happened twice already.
  4. Similarly, I actually enjoy having Snap support out of the box, but it feels half-baked because snaps and flatpaks are not merged into a single search result in Software. It all feels a bit disjoint.
  5. Love wobbly windows for the nostalgia, I just wish there was a slider to reduce the strength of the effect a little.

Besides my Nvidia driver issues (other thread), it's been a super productive first week on Zorin, thanks to all the great defaults. <3


I hadn't noticed that the names were not there but I agree this would be so much better. Instead of referring to the layouts as "the one on the top left" or whatever, we could use descriptive names.

It appears that combining snaps and flatpaks is a little more tricky than it seems. This is due to these two being competing formats and Canonical, the company behind snaps, not playing very nicely in this respect. For reference:

Good idea, I don't use this as I find it a bit too over the top. Less is more!

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