Sony Vaio VPCEJ3L1R webcam shows black screen on Skype

I have a problem when my Sony Vaio VPCEJ3L1R has problems when I cannot use the webcam on skype. when I call, it just shows a black screen. please help me, thanks!

Do you have Ubtuntu “Cheese” installed (Should, I believe it comes with Zorin).
If not, please install it. If so, please open it.
Onc3e opened, check if you see your image in the window.

If you want to chat with people, may want to try Jitsi.

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You are so wise…lol Hope all is well with you.

Flattery gets you nowhere, unless it works. Good to see you made it over. :smiley:

I saw your email about a month ago, meant to get right on it then… But I’m here now. thanks for the Heads up, appreciate you.

Yes, the webcam is still not showing, is there a fix?

In terminal, can you run

sudo apt install v4l-utils

Then reboot and test camera with cheese again?

Other thing to check: Some computer manufacturers have the webcam switched off in BIOS. It may be under Advances- System Configuration- You may need to check Sony Vaio page for better information.

webcam still not working sir . My device don’t have switched off in BIOS function like you said.

According to this, there should be hardware compatibility:

In terminal, can you try:

sudo modprobe -r gspca

sudo modprobe -r zc0301

sudo modprobe gspca

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what should i do ?

Not that again, apparently…

Please check you have the following packages installed: (Attempting to install will show if they already are)

sudo apt-get install libsbigudrv2 libsbigudrv0


sudo apt dist-upgrade

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