Sound card and microphone not working

sound card does not work information about a deaf palette, a microphone that does not track

zorin 16.1

00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Device 9b71 (rev 0c)
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics (rev 02)
00:04.0 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v5/E3-1500 v5/6th Gen Core Processor Thermal Subsystem (rev 0c)
00:08.0 System peripheral: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v5/v6 / E3-1500 v5 / 6th/7th/8th Gen Core Processor Gaussian Mixture Model
00:12.0 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Comet Lake Thermal Subsytem
00:14.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation Device 02ed
00:14.2 RAM memory: Intel Corporation Device 02ef
00:14.3 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless-AC 9462
00:15.0 Serial bus controller [0c80]: Intel Corporation Serial IO I2C Host Controller
00:15.1 Serial bus controller [0c80]: Intel Corporation Comet Lake Serial IO I2C Host Controller
00:16.0 Communication controller: Intel Corporation Comet Lake Management Engine Interface
00:17.0 SATA controller: Intel Corporation Comet Lake SATA AHCI Controller
00:19.0 Serial bus controller [0c80]: Intel Corporation Device 02c5
00:1d.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Device 02b0 (rev f0)
00:1e.0 Communication controller: Intel Corporation Device 02a8
00:1e.3 Serial bus controller [0c80]: Intel Corporation Device 02ab
00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation Device 0284
00:1f.3 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation Device 02c8
00:1f.4 SMBus: Intel Corporation Device 02a3
00:1f.5 Serial bus controller [0c80]: Intel Corporation Comet Lake SPI (flash) Controller
01:00.0 Non-Volatile memory controller: Toshiba Corporation Device 011a

Huawei MateBook D14 14"/i3/8GB/256GB/Win10 (NOBELBWAI9B)

It appears you are not the only one having this issue:

Bear in mind that such devices were designed to run Windows and nothing else. Main hardware manufacturers are not interested in developing drivers for GNU/Linux as it is not their main source of income. That is why there are dedicated suppliers of GNU/Linux hardware - more expensive than Windows machines, but at least you know you will get something that works!

On the Huawei forum it appears that they are looking to eventually release notebooks with Deepin Linux - you could always give that a try?

Would be curious if Ubuntu 20.04 runs ok - as that is what Zorin 16 is based on!
Would also be curious if Zorin 15.3 would work better on it?

I have been working on linux for 15 years, the laptop in question was bought for me as a gift by a person who is not technologically oriented. The laptop was bought because it was nice;) The problem is because I do not want to sell it or simply buy a new one, because it is a gift from a person who is very important to me and I do not want to make her sad. I am using a wireless speaker. The worst thing is that the microphone does not work via bluetooth. This laptop, lest this sound would be perfect for Linux, keeps my work on a single charge after 13h. It is light and well you can say nice;) I tried all the distributions known to me, also old releases such as ubuntu 18.04 20.04 etc. Huawei released laptops with Linux with deepin distribution but it does not detect sound either. I lost hope :frowning: unless some of you come up with something :frowning:

It really sounds like they used a chip that Cuts Corners.
Hardware on your machine is not governed by the OS you use; whether it be Windows, mac or Linux. Hardware is programmed with its own Operating System. It then communicates with your OS through Drivers.
Which... is stuff you probably already know.

Some Chip Makers program their hardware the cheapest way possible; with only the bare essentials that can communicate with the Dominant OS: Windows. (And they even give head-scratching troubles on Windows).
Computer manufacturers buy Cheap Chips hoping to pad their profit margins.

In such cases, most users get a USB driven card that is known to work with Linux. Not ideal, but workable. We see this a lot with Wifi adapters.

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