Sound does not work zorin os pro lite

Hellow friends ,
I am new to linux and just installed zorin os pro lite .
I use my laptop for youtube only .
On pulse audio maganer when a video plays i see the green sound bar moving but i have no sound on my stereo speakers .
I try to change to headphones output but same no sound on my headphones .
I try to removd pulseaudio and alsa mixer and reinstall , i have no sound .
Any sugestion is apreciated , thnx in advance !

Can you check in the audio mixer, under output devices, and show the available devices from the dropdown? Not visible on my laptop, but my desktop at home likes to default to the hdmi audio (disabled on my monitor) - Just checking here to see that all the audio devices show up. and That it detects your headphones plugged in.

Hellow after inserting headphones they are not detected , but the green sound bar moves when music plays .

rm -r ~/.config/pulse

pulseaudio --kill && pulseaudio --start

it might also help to install pavucontrol to manually assign a headphone profile, but try the above first.

I will try when i reach home .
How i assign a heaphone profile ?
I want to have 2 thinks to try today :slight_smile:

The first set of commands, will remove the audio profiles, and restart the audio services. that should reset everything and fix it if its just a misconfiguation

for pavucontrol
After launching in the configuration tab, there is a dropdown for each audio device, on my laptop Stereo duplex is the mode for headsets /w mic, but there is a lot of device options - as you see i can assign the hdmi audio profiles as system default as well. (such as hdmi audio out, and headset mic input)



I tryed all the above and it does not work .
I trhink the problem is the sistem tryes to output sound on my hdmi port .

I think these links may help u
that link from the help of zorin(u start read from PCI/internal...etc):

and that also may help:

Setting it to stereo output doesn't help?

Thnx all for help it worked .

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