Sound Issues

My sound isnt working on my Jumper EZbook X3, here are the specs
Intel Celeron J3455
Inten HD Graphics 500
128GB Internal Storage with 2242 240GB put inside for Zorin OS
8GB Ram

How do I get my sound to work please?

Gday @YourLocalZorinUser ,

Is this Lite Or Core?
Was the sound working?
Have you installed any app's recently?
Have you tried rebooting?

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First thing to try is this: Set Up Sound - Zorin Help

In addition to needing to know which edition of ZorinOS you have, i.e. Core OR Lite? asked by Ocka, can you tell us what sound card that laptop has?
Spec for sound is not stated here. Jumper EZbook X3 13.3 inch Laptop N3450 8G RAM 128G ROM - Grey – Jumper Mall

EDIT: Just seen your other post.

From that do we assume you have Z16.2 Lite still installed?

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Yea im using Lite

Ty, it may help to change your profile if only using " Lite " save's us asking/etc. Leave it if you use both :+1:

Have tried this link?

Let us Posted.

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