Sound not working in the game Abuse

I installed the game Abuse from the software center, an old school favorite of mine. But for some reason I can't get the sound to work. I get sound in other games and apps so I know the hardware works.

I'm new to Zorin OS so any help in troubleshooting this would be much appreciated.

Hi Schnaasfan, and welcome to the forum. Zorin 17 now uses Wayland compositor by default, not xorg. Games are known not to run well on Wayland. See if you can get Abuse to run in xorg. To do this, logout, select your username and a cog appears bottom right of the login screen. Click on the cog and select the bottom option of Zorin on xorg then enter your password in the password field and login. Keep us posted.

Also, can you install pulseaudio colume control

sudo apt install pavucontrol

Launch the game "Abuse" and launch the Pavucontrol app from app menu or alt+F2


and check the sound output and that it is not Muted.

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