Sound not working on boot

Zorin OS 16.2 Core (installed on VivoBook_ASUSLaptop X515EA_X515EA 1.0), just reinstalled about a month ago (I forgot the dot when trying to delete the contents of a folder). My audio was working fine up until a couple days ago where suddenly my audio wouldn't load properly on boot (I had to manually run sudo alsa force-reload to fix it). It recently got worse, and now I have to spam-run sudo alsa force-reload to get my audio to work again. Suspending my system also seems to do the trick, but also disconnects all my USB devices (I have to plug them back in to get them to register again [this could probably be its own topic, actually]). Any suggestions for a more permanent fix?

Can you please check this post:

Which is expanded due to user request here:

The reason I redirect you to these is because you state your system is VivoBook_ASUS

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This worked, thank you!


UPDATE: The fix isn't permanent, it just stopped working (have to run the fix every boot again).

If you mean you have to run the script after each boot - just add the script to your startup.

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