Sound problem: only hdmi output

Hi. i installed zorin os core not long ago (i'm french sorry for my bad english) and i have a problem about the sound. on the settings, it only show hdmi/display port output. my sound card is detected and alsamixer didn't helped me. can you help me to make my sound come back ? pls ?

did you find any solution to your problem? I have the same, I searched the entire internet and nothing works :frowning: no distribution correctly detects the sound card and the microphone

huawei d14 netbook

Hi fixfan, can you start your own thread please? In addition to the make and model of the notebook, can you please state the soundchip name and model? In a terminal enter:


From the output search for Audio Devices and/or Multimedia Audio Controller.

@LeVraiArdox - can you please state make and model of your Desktop/Notebook - and do the same as requested of fixfan. Thanks.

Dans un terminal, entrez :


Dans le résultat, recherchez les périphériques audio et/ou le contrôleur audio multimédia.

@LeVraiArdox - pouvez-vous indiquer la marque et le modèle de votre ordinateur de bureau/portable et faire la même chose que ce qui est demandé à fixfan. Merci.

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