Sound quality on Matebook 13 2020

Hey guys, I installed Zorin a couple of days ago. Everything is great; fractional scaling works without blurry apps, but one thing that bothers me is the sound quality. The sound is way worse than on Windows. It sounds like a cheap speaker. I tried to fix it, but nothing worked.

What sound card/s do you have?
What sound card is being detected by ZorinOS Settings>Sound ?

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I have read about this issue somewhere else. I think it's because Windows might have custom drivers for a specific sound system to tweak the audio quality that may not be available on Linux. Therefore, you get just regular sound versus the "tweaked" sound. I recall noticing a slight difference on a Dell 13 inch XPS laptop I sold several years ago. On Linux it sounded flat while on Windows the audio sounded vibrant. Maybe there are custom drivers for you sound card available on github or some other place?

Have you given Pulse Effects a try? I too had the same kind of thought - rather tinny, undefined speaker; but wasn't the OS.

If it helps any, I'm using the preset 'gstreamer_ballad' for Pulse Effects and sounds much better, like with Win. :+1:

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