Sound Recorder 3.38.0 included in a setup - NEVER USE IT! Remove it from collection

The standard app goes with system setup - Sound Recorder with version 3.38.0
stopped supported 2 years ago and never updated from the Zorin side.
This software version is corrupted with a bug - all your record will be just not saved.
Yesterday it made me spend 4 hours trying to find a way how to save an extremely important audio record that I just created and failed.
Then I found on the developer's page - this version is old, don't use it.
Zorin team - remove the old and not updated buggy version of the software you include in a standard pack.

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This is an example of the X - Y problem.

What troubleshooting steps did you try to resolve the issue?

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It seems to be working fine for me after a quick test.

I checked the versions and indeed the installed one is at 3.38 while the latest version available is at 42. However, this recent version is not available through the official repositories, but you can install it through Flatpak.

To be clear about the version numbers, the Gnome project changed it's naming scheme and jumped from 3.x to 40 directly, so don't mind the huge difference in the number versions.


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