Soundblaster audigy sb 1550 audigy 5/rx driver installation

I have a Soundblaster sb 1550 audigy 5/rx sound card. I can not find a way to install the drivers. This card is 5.1 capable. The software from Soundblaster gives many options to adjust the sound/speakers. I would like to have that functionality. Is there a way to install the drivers?

Are on the Manufacturer's Website no Instructions for installing in Linux?

No. They only supply the drivers for Windows.

But you have sound? IF so you want to check out pavucontrol (Pulseaudio). I'm not sure if Zorin use Pipewire now, if so you want to check "Easy Effect".


Hmm ... Theoretically You could use Wine to install the Windows Driver's, but I don't know if this would be a good Idea. You could try first that what @Storm suggested.

I do have sound. Thanks for the suggestion. I installed Pulseaudio. That does give much more control.