Space between folders and files in Nemo


Is there a way to increase the space between the objects in Nemo? As default they are compressed - especially when icon view is set to 150% or higher.

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Off topic: @catlikehana : You mentioned slow click to rename files:

This appears to be a change made in Nemo FM between Mint 18 and 20.
Would need to look at the source code to sort this out...


I have kind solved this problem by moving the text next to the icons.

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I believe here is where the change occurred (Remember, Nemo is forked from Nautilus, so we are seeing a newer version of Nautilus on Nemo than on Zorin OS 16):

The change was made in order to reduce the number of Icon sizes available in the icon grid.

This could be patched by changing the hard code and recompiling the file manager.

I have just tried everything I can using the iconview, spacing, row and cell - Every Class, widget and property I could think of and had no luck. Maybe someone more knowledgeable then me may know... But I cannot get that iconview spacing to respect any value I give it in .css
I also tried GtkIconView-spacing and NemoWindowIconView-spacing, as well.

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