Speakers make popping sound after input

I'm facing this problem were whenever there is some sort of input, my speakers make a popping sound while the input is playing (e.g. a song) and for a few seconds after the input has ended. I tried most of the solutions i found on the internet (most of them were centered around disabling power save features) but none of them worked. I have a Behringer Xenyx Q502USB mixer as my output. Can anyone help me please?

It seems like it has been happening quite a lot lately, I had the same struggle couple of weeks ago.
Wonder what is causing it...

Pulseaudio.... :neutral_face:

I am going to expand on this (a lot) since a One-Word answer really isn't enough for new users to Linux.
Pulseaudio is a Mess. And when I say mess, I mean pile of trash heaped in random locations in a swamp.
If you go in and actually look at the code for Pulse, it is messier than my .css. And that says a lot.
Pulseaudio auto mutes Alsa - for no rational reason. I cannot count how many times I have experienced or helped others in figure out - when Pulse updates, you need to unmute everything in Alsa.
The Code for Pulseaudio redirects Alsa into itself and specifies that the interaction for volume control should not interact with the volume control.
Pulseaudio operates as a deamon, rather than a library - in hopes of integrating all sound within SystemD.
This increases CPU usage, latency and creates conflicts that cause Pulse to simply crash out. Due to this, Pulseaudio was made to auto-respawn upon every crash. This is why killing the Pulseaudio process requires a special command to perform.
It is 2022, now... And yet, Pulseaudio continues to be plagued by popping, screeching, crashing and insane volume when plugging in headphones. Just as when it was released. When it was released, Poettering said that it was ready. It was adopted by Fedora and later Ubuntu, then the bug reports started flooding in. Poetterings response was to blame all issues on Alsa - that weren't... and when that failed, Poettering claimed that Ubuntu was at fault for adopting Pulseaudio before it was ready. He then denied ever claiming Pulse was ready, even with quoted text sent back at him. This deflection behavior has much to do with why the bugs in Pulse remain unfixed after so long... The developer is too busy deflecting and dodging to actually figure out the mess he coded.
What Pulseaudio handles, it handles very well. But when it doesn't, it is the worst thing to troubleshoot due to how it is built. Which is why I generally just leave it to Others like @zabadabadoo to tear their hair out at the roots over.

The problem is with pulseaudio try using jack if possible otherwise wait for a update of the pulseaudio package

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