Special thanks to members

Several members have joined who have hit the ground running with making helpful posts and assisting troubleshooting.

@catlikehana , although your stay here was brief, it was filled with many great contributions. You will be missed, even as we never got to know you.

@PlumpKibbles , You have been a force to be reckoned with. When computer issues see you comin', they best cross to the other side of the street.

And let's not neglect our existing members who have been diligently making this a place users can find helpful, reliable and welcoming.
@Turtle11 @Mr_Magoo @zenzen @swarfendor437 @Sorro @C141ZorinOS @Winged1 @Kayjzjzk who have been more active lately and always helpful.

(I have now hit the limit on how many members I can tag in one post...)
Of course, the great many other contributors who pop in from time to time or even just post one guide in the Tutorials & Guides sub-forum:

Thank you all for making this a great place.


I think we shouldn't forget the real MVP here, which is you @Aravisian. People with such knowledge, patience, eloquence and willingness to help are a rarity, and we can’t thank you enough for all the hours you’ve poured into this forum.

And I really hope that the Zorin brothers are aware of it, because much of the success of any project lies on the community, particularly in the open-source world. And without you, this community would definitely not be the same.

Trying to help where I can is my way of showing my appreciation for those those who have dedicated their own time to help me when I needed it. Like you, and many others that you've mentioned.

Even if I don't use ZorinOS on my machines (at the moment), it's the little things that make me stay: the posts sharing our desktops, how-to guides, and other works of our own like little scripts, icons, etc.
If there's one thing to take away from what I see here is that there's always something to learn. That's another reason I think this community is so great.


Fortunately, they are also well aware of all the times I have put my foot in my mouth, made poor decisions, reacted too swiftly or just over-all all went tumbling backwards.:wink:


I'm sure that those times do not counter act all the other, better times were you've advocated for ZorinOS and helped the community overall. We all make mistakes after all.


I will try to do better... :expressionless:

Er...dont know what you mean :thinking:
I think you are heavily in kudos credit here on the forum. Your regular prescence is very much valued by old hands and newbies alike.

ZorinOS and this forum have been a great help to me since my first steps with Z12 and I just enjoy visiting here.


Most of the times I tried to find a solution of how to do something, the solution was given on posts that were as far as 2 years old by you, Aravisian. And even in those times that I couldn't find anything and had to ask for help, you were usually the one helping and giving the solution. So you've helped me a lot, directly and indirectly, and that's something I really appreciate

It's very amazing to see someone who has been here for a few years and still be passionate enough about this to stay actively helping others, finding people like that isn't easy

So thank you, this forum wouldn't be the same without you

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@Aravisian :pray: Thank you - very much appreciated!! :pleading_face: I definitely don't have your brain though :wink: Absolutely no room to brag compared to your knowledge!!

Not a know-it-all kinda guy, I like to think I know a lot about a little, and a little about a lot - but not all haha I like being wrong on things as much as I like being right; but always room for improvement!

This forum, for some reason, drew me in just like 6.10 Ubuntu so many years ago - it's deep with knowledge, members are AWESOME, and lots of love from everyone - feels like home! :grin:

Absolutely happy to have helped! :smile:


WOW .... now this really surprised me as she was a wealth of knowledge especially in gaming on Linux .... at least to me she was ..... did she give a reason for wanting to quite the board ????? ..... :cry:


I know as little as you do.

I made the discovery that catlikehana left the board when I went to make this thread.

I had intended to remind some of the helpful members that they matter. Apparently, I was a bit too late.


Propably everyone gived some good information about support hardware and don't forget here are many people with beginners linux experience, because Zorin is for people who starting understable Zorin Linux.
This forum is very friendly,helpfull and masterpiece with people who have big knowledge with linux.
Propably everyone gived some a part cake on this forum small or big amount. Important also with this people what are active on this forum is more powerfull a life not a cementery.


I have been a Zorin user for almost a year already, before Zorin I used Kali-Linux for a few weeks and Ubuntu in my job. When I change to Zorin, I did because how it is sold, a Linux distro for beginners. Now I don't consider my self a expert or advance user, but I am sure I could handle my self with any other distro, any way, one of the bigger reasons cause I still with Zorin is this community, so thank you all very much


It’s people like the ones you’ve mentioned and yourself that have me keep returning to this forum, regardless of the distro I’m currently using. The Zorin forum has been helpful, pleasant, and just feels comfortable/welcoming.


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