Specifying Wayland for Zorin Desktop choice

I was thinking why on Zorin Desktop choice on the gear button on Wayland isn't specified as Zorin Desktop on Xorg does, this isn't easy for beginners. I had to ask Gemini which graphic server Zorin Desktop uses and check Info in Settings (when I remembered that it shows me the graphic server in use) before I knew it clearly :person_facepalming::laughing:.

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Hmm ... Yes, that could be something to add for Clarity. But on the other Side: When You see the Option for Xorg, it is clear that the other Option is Wayland.


Yeah, that's what I mean :smile:.

This may be not clear to some users (mostly if Linux is completely new to them). And with some users ME is included :laughing:.

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I have changed the Category to Feedback. I hope it is okay. If the Zorin Crew read that they maybe change it.


Interestingly, on KDE neon (Plasma) when the equivalent of the cog in Zorin is selected I get Plasma (Wayland) and below it Plasma (X11)

[" X11 is a major version of the X protocol, which has evolved since its inception. It is the most recent protocol and the most common.1 Xorg is the most popular open-source implementation of an X server on Linux, while Wayland is a free and open-source community-driven project to replace X11 with a modern, secure, and more straightforward windowing system. In Wayland, the compositor is the display server, and the compositor is a window manager that provides applications with an off-screen buffer for each window.0 X11 is the protocol that "display clients" use to talk to Xorg, e.g. when they want to create a window or draw something in a window.2"]

I don't like SDDM, so I installed gdm3 and so I now also get:
Ubuntu on Wayland

My Plasma (X11) Desktop:

My Ubuntu (xorg/X11) Desktop:

This is what Gnome Devs want you to have, presumably based on the old adage, "Tidy desk, tidy mind"! :- >
I know which I prefer!

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I know which I prefer, as well. A tidy desktop. I prefer no icons on my desktop. But that is just my preference and one size does not fit all. I dislike the developers choosing for the users and enforcing their preferences against another users ingrained workflow.
The Gnome Devs think that they call the shots.
I think they need to step back and be handed a solid reality check.