Splitting large monitors into sections

Hi, I'm the proud own of a Samsung G9 monitor, thats 5120x1440 and very wide! Now the problem is, with Windows you can get Microsofts own PowerToys which includes something called FancyZones.

Quick description of FancyZones, you can set sections of the screen to act kind of like monitors for your various windows and applications;

I've gotten used to my monitor being split into 3 sections, one middle section and 2 smaller side sections... The problem now is I've switched to ZorinOS and I'm here to stay, so I'm wondering if it's a possible feature to add to Zorin? :slight_smile: I'm sure there are awkward work arounds, but I just want to have sections that act like monitors is all. I want to be able to move my windows around freely but snap them to 1 or 2 of the sections or full screen (yes, fancy zones lets you snap a window across 2 sections if you hover the window between the two ^^).

Is this something that's possible for Zorin to have?


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A few suggestions, though be warned... None of these are quite like Fancy Zones on Windows:



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