Spotify hacked?

Today I get information someone login today from Dominican.
How it is possible?
Spotify in linux if app is hacked then what else could be hacked?

Again i get information from Costarica. What that's means this is some spam or what is that?

what is exactly written in that image and many of us don't understand the language

If you think your account is hacked then change your password and check if your email has been leaked in a data breach
check you email here:

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The spotify info to me someone login with my e-mail and my password in country Dominican. If this is not me i must secure account. Then spotify servers are leaks with security?

did you checked if your email is leaked in the website?

Checked and no.

Then try change your password of your Gmail and Spotify account to a strong and complex password so the attackers cant bruteforce the password and use a password manager like bitwarden to save your password for you

I don't have to lost to many things in web.
Besides on spotify anything new isn't changed.
Why I suppouse change a password?
If someone broken my password that means a server spotify is leaked.

Nope, if the attackers have your Gmail and password they can log in to any site that you have logged in with your Gmail.

Who knows if something is changed besides Spotify

For being more secure change your spotify password
If possible change your Gmail password also

I don't using one password to the another app or something. This is where is login. This doesn't have any logic.

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Just showing you the Spotify have a poor firewall and server security. Internet always for watching but never put private information. They can kiss my "something". :rofl:
They propably can used a Kodachi linux and some tor client with vpn.


Answear from spotify. I don't send anything also not send any support. They send me that alone. I was login in Mexico,Portugal,Spain,United States and many another countries. It took them 3 days to see that.

Good it is solved now

Good we know someone seeing that.

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