Squares in place of the font

I just did opened VMWare for the first time, it asked mesomething I couldn’t see because font were broken, I pushed escape then my computer had reboot and now all font in UI is broken, i can’t see anything (exemples in pictures)
Top bar :

Terminal :

Settings :

I restarted 5 times, it works, the problem has disappeared for now.
Don’t understand but it’s scary

It corrupted your font cache configuration file in your ~/.cache

I was just about to post when your reboot fixed it up.

It’s something, isn’t it? :smiley: it’ll scare ya.

For future reference, if reboot does not work, you can go into recovery mode by hitting or holding the Left Shift Key at the splash screen of system start.
From the recovery menu, drop to prompt. From there, enter in

rm -rf ~/.cache/fontconfig

sudo fc-cache -r -v

As an aside- have you looked into VirtualBox?

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