Ssd management and lockscreen timer

Hello everyone , noob linux user here with some questions:

  1. I have 2 ssd in my system , will zorin manage them properly out of the box ? Or there is some options for that in the os ? Like enabling trim ?
  2. When i lock my screen it stays on all the time and never goes black , is it a bug or imissed something ? (Screen blank time is set to 15min)
  3. Ihave zorin ultimate but during installation i choosed minimal installation , can i now use that image or installer for installing other apps without reinstalling os ?!

Hi Vergilangleos.

  1. You should be fine. But you can also read:
  2. Check Zorin menu -> Settings -> Power if you have toggled “Dim screen when inactive”. You can also try the following (if the Settings method doesn’t help):
    a. Press Alt+F2, type “dconf-editor” (without quotes).
    b. If you don’t get any result, use the terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and sudo apt install dconf-tools , then go back to step a.
    c. Browse to /org/gnome/desktop/screensaver and check that “idle-activation-enabled” is toggled on.
  3. If you want to install more applications, I recommend installing them using Synaptic.