Ssl issue in some sites in zorin 15 lite

I have intalled os 15v lite on old lenovo b450, install was done but i am facing below issue

In chrome only google search is opening other sites showing ssl cipher error

Package manager not installing any app

Pls suggest.

@Linux2 First, welcome to the forum and thankyou for indicating in your profile you have a Lite edition of ZorinOS. That way we can see if you have Gnome or xfce Desktop Environment.

You have Z15 Lite. Is it Z15.3 Lite? Also is it 64bit or 32bit?

"Package manager", are you referring to Zorin "Software" store?

"chrome": How did you install Chrome. Is it a Snap version by any chance?

In Software Updater, can you check that it is pointing to "Main Server" and not a regional server.

I am not sure if any of the above will be of direct help, but your answers may give us a steer.

Is this the specific error you are seeing in Chrome?:

Hi, its 32 bit

Yes its 15.3 lite

The software centre and also zorin browser installer

I have also tried installation with sudo command, that give e variable lock messages.

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