Start up programs I added not opening when I start up my laptop

I was trying to solve the brightness problem that it's not changing at all and I found that easier to use the Brightness Controller
I did that But I didn't want to open it myself each time I'm turning on my laptop so I added it to the startup applications , not the problem that It's not starting up with the laptop startup


Isn't it supposed to apply itself according to a time set?

In another thread, I noticed you had added a repository that is non-functional for sysvinit-brightness. Could that relate here?
For Brightness Controller, I use the Apapanda repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:apandada1/brightness-controller

sudo apt update && sudo apt install brightness-controller

ok the problem now it's not starting after laptop sleep

Can you please detail what steps you have performed? Remember, we are remotely discussing this over a forum format. We cannot see your computer or know what you did unless you are informative and communicative.

@Aravisian the problem in detailes that the Brightness cortroller starting up with the OS but without working

like here is my default settings but it's not working it's opening like it's default like the brightness not working and I must move the brightness bar a bit up or down so the effect will start
also when I'm opening the Discord for example the effect of brightness controller always gone and I need to re open the program so the brightness will work normally

Have you removed the sysvinit-brightness package and repository?

Have you tried or used any grub parameters like acpi_backlight=vendor and acpi_osi=linux?

Yes boss I did

How to use it ?

I had problems with the system brightness I did something which I don't remember now to fix it but it didn't work so I'm suing now Brightness Controller

Discord resets / interferes with Brightness?

Please see this post here:

This is a primary issue in computing that in the Military, we would solve with standardization.
The Monitor has brightness control. The Motherboard has brightness control. The User Interface Operating System has brightness control...
It would help if only one thing controlled brightness - Do one thing and do it well.

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