search alternatives?!

Hello all,
Can the web master of add To have a privacy focused search besides google... you know they are just sofa-king evil. :relieved:



I don't think you can add it by yourself, it's a website. It's a good suggestion. I personally don't use the website you can use extensions to your browser to customize your New Tab Page.

I just use the default :slightly_smiling_face:

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It may do a lot of good for the ZorinGroup to add alternatives, not just the Duck, but various other privacy-minded engines.

The Duck has recently come under fire for not being as privacy minded as claimed... It raises serious questions as to whether a Privacy minded Search Engine can even exist.


you can try using metager or swisscow.

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I’d rather not have it at all, since JavaScript could be inserted in to track your searches. I don’t see why they couldn’t do it as an extension or just remove it.

Thanks all. I was mainly interested in the page. I do have the DDG extension in my browsers. I did find an article about DDG privacy issues. @ Der_Panzer thanks for the suggestions, will check them out. :+1:


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