Startup apps won't stay in startup menu

So I added a bunch of apps I'd like to have them auto run upon boot:

However, when I close and reopen, only the last entry I added stays, along with the ones that were already there

Some applications include an option to "Automatically start" the application in their own settings. If you add the app to startup but there is a conflict in their built in settings where it is unchecked to autostart, the app will remove their startup file post check of whether their settings say to autostart (This is so that if a user unchecks that box, the app does not continue to autostart).

Please try checking the Discord and Librewolf settings and see if the option for autostart is present.

Oh yes, the option was available on Telegram and when I enabled it I could see on the startup window, but the option on Discord isn't working, LibreWolf also doesn't have that option.

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That explains why those two disappear but Telegram remains.
I use BetterDiscord and Zorin Lite, so that may be why I have a different view on Discord.
I did as search on Librewolf and also came up empty handed for any setting for autostart... as well as noting it lacks any other automatic features like auto-update.

I tried some unofficial discord clients but they all lack setting people's volumes above 100%, and on my system sometimes the volume is really low, despite everything else on 100%, so all I have left to hear them well is their own individual volumes above 100%.
And by the way is not that telegram always remains when I set them up manually, is the last one I configure. In those screenshots telegram happened to be the last one.

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