Stateful Workspaces

Is there any way I can save the state of the workspaces so that after the reboot I can continue working from where I am before I shut down my machine?

Searching the issue may give you False Hope:
(warning - defunct):“gnome%2C”%20click%20“,running%20applications%20will%20be%20restored.

Because Gnome removed Save Session back in Natty:

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But I still see the auto-save session in dconf-editor.

And how is auto-save-session different from hibernate?

In Dconf-Editor, you can see the old option for the detachable toolbar, too. That was also removed by Gnome long ago.

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Oh...alright. Thanks for your help.

gnome makes things that I DON'T UNDERSTAND. For me, xfce desktop is much better

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