Statement about themes

From now on, my latest work will be available via where you can purchase my themes for under $5 (400 coins).
Why the sudden move? Because I'm sick of tiring of Pling underpaying for the work I put up. Last year they cut the payment with 50% which is significant. I can't even pay for the cat food anymore with it.
I even put up a donation link for me on my homepage which gave me $0.00.
So from now on you want to use my work DeviantArt is the place. I'm going to take most of my precious work down from github and pling.

Sorry it had come to this way.


I had some similar experiences with Pling, where the site owner would suddenly reduce the payments to $0.00 for any work over a certain amount.
I abandoned Pling at that time and switched to DeviantArt, as well.


Before Plings cutdown in paymeny I couold easy make $30-40 a month for less amount of icon set, but now I barely make 10. :confused:

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Yay! I had my first sale on DeviantArt \o/


Findus will get very sad to see an empty bowl.