Static while booting zorin

So recently I installed Zorin on my Acer laptop with an AMD A4 CPU and I get this static after booting up I can't even log in, this happened on Linux mint as well.

Some help with this would be greatly appreciated.

What graphics card are you using?
You may need to enter recovery mode,

then add the nomodeset grub parameter using the terminal in Recovery Menu.
From the recovery Menu, arrow key down to Root -Drop to prompt, then tap the enter key.

Thanks I'll try it when I get back, I'm not sure how to check my graphics card.

So I tapped the esc key multiple times but now I'm in the grub menu, and it says "error: can't find command 'nomodeset'. In the Grub terminal.

Please follow the directions provided:

I installed Ubuntu for a tiny bit to do what you said and modify the "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"" in Nano and when I reinstalled ZorinOS it still displays static when booting.

I do not understand this statement. Why would you need to install Ubuntu?

If you installed and made changes on Ubuntu, that would affect the Ubuntu install, not the Zorin OS install.

Please boot Zorin OS, but access the Recovery Menu instead of proceeding to a full normal boot.

In the recovery menu, arrow key down to Root - Drop to Prompt.
Hit the enter key
In that terminal window, run the commands to change Grub File adding the nomodeset parameter:

Alternatively, you can try testing the new Zorin OS 17 Beta now available instead of installing Zorin OS 16.3:

I did what you said by adding a parameter in recovery mode, I found out that to get to my "Advanced Options" I had to hold "Alt & f10" then I added the parameter in terminal and it works fine now, thanks sorry I took so long to reply I thought I had to switch to a different OS like Ubuntu to add the parameter at first but then I understood.

(It runs a little bit slower now but I think that's fine.)

One more thing is there a way to remove this during boot?

It shows this when I turn on my laptop then shows the zorin logo

These are likely caused by the addition of nomodeset parameter as it affects the GPU modesetting.

You can try adding loglevel=3 as a parameter in the same way you added nomodeset.

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset loglevel=3"

Please be sure to run sudo update-grub after you save the grub file with ctrl+o, enter, ctrl+x.

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