Status bar for copy and paste

When copying and pasting files from one folder to another is there a setting somewhere in Zorin 16 core to enable a status bar so you can monitor progress?

For large files, a "pie-chart" style progress indicator will appear on the Titlebar/headerbar of the File Manager. If the transfer completes quickly, you won't see it.

I use Nemo File Manager which opens a Progressbar Popover window, instead. But the same applies; a file transfer must be large enough to need more than a second to transfer, or it won't appear.

I just found this (which is no help) re no progress bar in Nautilus.

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Thnaks for your help both. I had two windows open and was copying about 40Gb of music and photos from one to the other. the only way i knew that transfer was happening was by seeing the folders appear in the destination folder. No sign of any progress pie chart in Nautilus. Just tried to copy a few more songs and the pie chart showed, tried again and it did not. Will monitor this and see if it remains inconsistent. If so, Nemo File manager will get a go. Thanks again.

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Opsman2021, though I understand if you consider this at a stalemate in pursuit, are you sure you want to mark this as Solved without a viable solution at this time?
If you are not seeing the progress indicator during large transfers, this implies that something needs fixing.

That aside, I have never seen Nemo FM fail to provide a progressbar on either file compression or on transfers.

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