Steam and Minecraft

I want to move away from Windows, so I am looking for a linux distro to use instead. (Came across this one)

Can I use the Core version to play on Steam as well as minecraft?

I know they are on the software installer for Ubuntu, Just wanna be sure though.

As for work stuff, it’s all cloud based and in browser so that I am not worried about.

Steam is supported and some games work on Linux.

Proton DB will show you if a game can run on Linux.

Also have a look at Lutris. There’s a community who make scripts and work around to get as many games as possible to run and is a entry point for Steam, Origin etc.

Minecraft can be downloaded from here.

Thanks so much, gonna queue the download and get myself away from Windows finally! Whoop whoop!

Sound like a plan. Let us know if you need any more help.