Steam doesn't detect my videocard

I have GT 1030, but it doesn't seem to be detected by steam. It just shows that
Video Card:
Driver: Mesa/ llvmpipe (LLVM 12.0.1, 256 bits)
What to do so my videocard will be detected by steam? My games lag so much without videocard :<

Please open a terminal and run

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo ubuntu-drivers install

Reboot and test video card.

Did not work :<

Please be more specific. "Did not work" could mean just about anything.

Please open Software & Updates and move to the Additional Drivers tab and check the drivers listed.

Sorry, i am creating my issue for first time xd
Software & updates say im using nvidia-driver-470
Screenshot from 2022-04-05 20-42-19

Can you test either the Nouveau driver - or the 510 Proprietary?
The 470 (Proprietary - tested) is known to have a variety of issues.

it perfectly works now. Thank you!

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