Steam Game Icon Names

For those of us making icon sets... Some of us may maybe might possibly make some steam game icons. Maybe. IF we feel like it.

But to do so, the name of the icon must be known. Which is why many icon makers do not bother...

List some Steam Game Icon names here (And if you are doing so in HOPES that a particular Icon Set Maker might just maybe feel so inclined to include it in the set. IF they feel like it... Name the Icon Set you hope it will maybe possibly could be added to).
You can locate the Icon Name in ~/.local/share/icons/hicolor/...

Name the game so that it is clear what the icon must be - then give its Icon name:

Abes Exodus = steam_icon_15710
Fallout (one) = steam_icon_38400
Final Fantasy 7 = steam_icon_39140
Soul Reaver Two = steam_icon_224940
Creeperworld 2 = steam_icon_422920
Fallout Shelter = steam_icon_588430
Crash Bandicoot N-sanity = steam_icon_731490
Among us = steam_icon_945360
New World = steam_icon_1063730
New World Public Test Realm = steam_icon_ 1205550