Steam games installation on SD card

Hello, how I can install world of tanks using steam on an external sd card?
Also, if you know me from WGC installation problems, let me inform you, that I re-installed Zorin OS.

In steam you can change the location where to store the game. It can be found in settings.

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The path is Steam(top left corner, the scroll menu)/Settings/Downloads/STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS/(+)/ and you can add a new location. Your SD card is probably in /media/YourName/one of the folder.

After that, when you try to install a new game, you can select one of the folder.
It's also possible in the Manage/Properties/LOCAL FILES/Move Install Folder to change the directory after the install.

If you want to play Windows steam games in Linux, activate Proton in Steam/Settings/ and enabling the two checkbox to activate Proton. I recommend to use the lasted version or Proton Experimental.
Proton is a folk of Wine, it's improve the Windows game compatibility.


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