Steam Input not working with Proton games on 17.1

I installed 17.1 over my 16.3 install the other day, and it has been fine (for the most part). The problem is that Steam Input no longer works with games that run through Proton despite them working in 16.3. Does anyone have any solutions? I need Steam Input as Guilty Gear: Strive doesn't natively support Xbox controllers and won't allow full remapping without Steam Input working.

Can you please detail this? Saying "it doesn't work" can mean a great many different things.
Under Steam Library > Properties > Controller is the Steam Input option available? Grayed out? Checked, but the controller is not recognized?

It appears and registers in the controller test menus. You can even navigate the Steam Big Picture menus with the controller, but it doesn't work in-game.

I am not very familiar with Steam Input... But have you tested

  • on Zorin Desktop and Zorin Desktop on X
  • Checked the specific games settings?

I just tried opening on X instead of Wayland, and the issue persisted. I checked the game settings, and it said that Steam Input is enabled on all controllers, yet they continue to not work.
EDIT: Do you think that I should just downgrade to Zorin OS 16.3?
EDIT 2: I figured out the solution. When I installed Steam, it forgot to install the package for steam-devices. Thank you for helping me.


Sorry, I did not notice the edits til just now.

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