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Hi! I have issue with Steam scale, it's too small font and another interface. I have 2k resolution and 125% scale but if i tryed to change scale it doesn't work with it. I did another method with writing comand GDK_SCALE=2 steam but games start in a small window
Is there any idea how to solve this problem?

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For anyone stumbling into this in the future.
If you find the default UI too small and GDK_SCALE=2 too big, you can apply a zoom to the steam UI instead for 150%, 125% etc. Here's how for Ubuntu based distros for example:
(make sure your directories are the same)


Start steam client adding parameters -w 1368 -h 768 or whatever size you want, always smaller than your monitor resolution. The smaller value, the bigger overall size of steam client, including fonts.

I tryed to do first solution, i created skin with 2 scale, but it did nothing

Fractional scaling on Gnome Linux really is a Work In Progress.

I suspect the fractional scaling with 4k monitor is the crux of the issue.

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Usually, like on games, there's a way to change font size directly from settings inside the software itself, but I can't know for sure, I don't have Steam, not yet. Can gsettings permission help? It's available on some software on Settings > Applications > click the software name.

I had a similar (if not, the same) issue to this. My guess is Electron as @Aravisian told me.

It's sad. So we should give feedback to developers and that's it? :face_exhaling:


I would like to agree as all Steam Users like myself will experience the same issue. Whilst the GNOME settings are correct and each user (like myself) with enlarged text/fractional scaling/your user preference, steam remains its default "1" valued text size. Valve should include by default with its Application to allow follow UI settings.

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As this is an application specific issue, has anyone affected notified steam support for scaled Ubuntu based distros? While we may be able to find a hack or workaround, it would benefit the entire Linux community to have the developers of steam look into and resolve this issue there, possibly offer workarounds until such an update can be shared.

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