Stellaris - A 4x strategy game for Linux

So I had Stellaris game for a long time, but really didn't gave it a chance... until now. It's an immense game with a lot of features compared to other space 4x strategy games and tons of DLCs to enhance the experience. I bought Aquatic DLC as I'm a huge fan of aquatic aliens and is the reason why I'm playing Stellaris now.
If you like Master of Orion and civilization games then Stellaris is a must!

I made a 7 min. video on how I created my Aquatic Race - The Thamesian


My take on how I created a Space Dweller Race


Hmmm. Beautiful :slight_smile:
I'm also a Stellaris addict )but that is ok, because I can quit playing it whenever I want, you know... :rofl: :rofl:)

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