Still getting Boot MOK Setup request during updates... 16.3 Pro native install

Aravisian - I keep getting this same request for Secure Boot password setup - when I do the periodic SW updates, prompted by Zorin OS 16.1 Pro. I continue to ignore the Boot MOK setup screen and Continue on to Boot, bypassing this setup.

However, the request does keep showing up. I keep bypassing to Boot.

The system is native Zorin OS 16.3 Pro install. It is a Dell Inspiron 15 5548 Core i5 4th Gen system. I will check the BIOS, but it probably has UEFI/Secure boot enabled. Do I disable it?

Don't know why it keeps appearing. I don't need or want secure boot.

  • ToasterMSJ

Here are my Dell Inspiron 15 Secure BOOT settings in BIOS ...

Let me know what you recommend. This is a Zorin OS laptop native, hard metal install. Boots directly into Zorin OS. Best OS I've ever used, thank you very much...

Can't wait for the Zorin OS 17 Upgrade to appear in 'System Tools'.

Mike J

I would disable secure boot. MOK key relates to TPM2 and Windows 11.

I agree with @swarfendor437
Disable Secure Boot. It is for Windows and serves no purpose on BnuLinux.

Under the 'Security' tab, you should find at least one setting for TPM... disable that (and if it gives you the option, clear any keys) and it disables all of the MOK stuff.

Thanks gentlemen, for the feedback and solid advice. I thought it would be the thing to do, but wanted the experience Linux people on the Forum to chime in.

I just Disabled Secure Boot in my BIOS. I will let you know how it goes during any update pushes that hit.

Cheers all and have a great New Year in 2024. I'm excited for Zorin OS 17.
Actually, I may just buy another Pro Download, just to give the Team the $49. I will still wait for the Zorin Upgrade push coming soon.

Thanks again.

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