Still popular Zorin 16 Pro

I am happy with Zorin 16 is most popular on any technical hardware youtube channels.

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Zorin Os 16 came out recently, that's usually why YouTubers make videos about it.

Dude, I like this guy, is it you? Cause if so, you need a subscription buddy, yeah, from me. HEHE :grin:

Toss doesn't make video's nearly as detailed as this guy does when he reviews Linux OS's. Infact, if anything, his obsession with Chromebooks have been hurting his channel IMO, a lot of us are tired hearing about Chromebooks. lol

But this guy has got it figured out. I am still watching the video right now while I am typing this message at the same time. Yeah...I know....I am really good. LMAO!

Thanks for being awesome Bourne!

This guy isn't me but he is probably a channel what i can trustly him. Why? Because his movie are simply to understand and cheap for your wallet.

He's very smart! I watched his videos on quantum computing, and on Neophonic AI machine learning computing. Our tech is expanding at alarming rates.

I tell you what though, if we don't solve the tech shortage, our expansion in technology will not progress too much further until we do.

That guy got a new sub. And finally, I like the unique way he says the words, "DOT COM" hehe :grin:

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