Stop fruitless quarrels

You guys seem to want to show off your favorite DEsserts rather than discuss how Zorin OS can make better. Are you afraid that your toys will become tools for everyone and you won't be able to show them off? If not, then stop fruitless quarrels.

You are talking in Respect to?

It is a reality of the internet that people will disagree with eachother sometimes.
I dislike the notion of "Cliques". People of like-mind ganging up against a minority and dominating opinion, accepting only contributions that agree with their world-view. This is unhealthy and damaging for everyone.

There is such a thing as fruitless arguing. An example might be a group that isolates a person and observes them for any behavior that they can pick on. As a group, they reenforce each others berating of that minority.

But arguing in general, conflict, debate or discussion is not necessarily fruitless just because people argue.
I have had my eyes opened to many new ideas, to my own faults and mistakes and concepts I never considered on my own due to arguments and debates.
I have changed my mind for a better idea, many times, due to the strong arguments others have made.

Debating topics are as old as humanity and older than civilization. They are the greatest asset humanity has ever had. And we see in history the terrible consequences of silencing debate. We see some continue to try to silence debate and opposition to this day, still (Certain countries... we all know who they are.)

They seek power. Control over others. Money.

We cannot always agree and we may be outspoken. But we must respect each other.
What can make a topic unpleasant for others when people debate is mostly - when we forget to respect each other.


The forum is huge topics.
If someone don't agree with something or don't liked just hop over. Sometimes i reading some post for information purpouse what doesn't mean i can agree or do not agree. That is normal the forum is discussion with people like a two science people who debate what is good or not good.

-chuckle- I also have been very active on Science Forums including moderating one and ...

I can tell you...
The brawls get very intense, at times....

I agreed with you some people have a nature they ideas are best in the world and mine or another arguments you can sayed but for them this is not worth. Sometimes it depends from our experiences and what we liked.

I do NOT want to start a fight here, and I'm trying to avoid doing so.

I understand.

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I apologize that I was offensive because of my frustration and that I do not know how to mitigate it now. I'm having a hard time fitting in on this forum, probably because I'm rushing to get results. At least I should chill out and refrain from participating in the discussion for now.


You're not alone, sometimes I feel the same way.


Important in this forum to be kind and respectfull it working like a magnesium. If people on forum will atack each other then it simple people will out. People searching relax,peace and helpfull advice or a hand. Happy all time a new day and forget what was yesterday.

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